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The Story of Innocent Demand Justice

Innocent Demand Justice has been organized to shed light and be a voice for the men whose voices cannot be heard from behind bars. All the men on this site allege that they are innocent and that they were framed by corrupt cops and prosecutors. Many of these men were convicted with little or no evidence at all. Suggestive line-up and photo array, coerced confession, torture, fabrication of evidence, all of these tactics were used to obtain a bogus conviction. These claims are not far fetched. 

      With overwhelming amount of evidence, Chicago Police officers make these claims of frame ups even more plausible.  The Governor, Mayor and States Attorney's Office are doing very little to address these claims of frame up and we are tired of being ignored. Our FIGHT will not stop, our passion is STRONG and GODS will is on our side. Justice is demanded and our voices will not cease until action is taken. The voices on the outside are hardworking, tax paying citizens who refuse to continue to allow their hard earned tax money to be misused on multi-million dollar settlements and law suits that the city has to pay out to men who served sometimes up to 30 years in prison for a crime they did not commit.

     We need to fix the problem and stop putting a bandage on them so we invite anyone who has family and friends in prison wrongfully to join us on our Fight for Justice. Many little voices make one loud sound, together we can make a difference... 


     IDJ’s goal is to ultimately have every single one of the wrongfully convicted men to be released from prison as an innocent man and prevent this from transpiring to others. In addition, we are thriving to help improve the communication of fathers with their children and families while incarcerated. However, this will not happen in one day, we will work on helping with cases but we need your cooperation and your loved ones cooperation in helping this become a success.

     We are joining forces to be a strong and structured unit, to march on and let the public hear the truth about the Judicial System and how unfair it has treated you and your loved ones.

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