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A Star Witness Says Prosecutors Knew
Francisco Vicente swore that one person after another just happened to confess to him that they had committed murder. Could the prosecutors who put him on the stand really have believed it all?
Another Man Who Accused A Retired Ch
Geraldo Iglesias, convicted of a 1993 murder, is the 10th man to be exonerated since a BuzzFeed News investigation revealed that the Chicago detective at the center of the case, Reynaldo Guevara, was accused of framing more than 50 people for murder.
Traicionados por la justicia: Decena
Alrededor de 50 jóvenes de un mismo barrio latino habrían sido encarcelados por un mismo detective bajo procedimientos que pueden ser cuestionables. Teresa Rodríguez conversó con algunas de estas personas en el especial de Aquí y Ahora "Traicionados por la justicia".
Former Chicago police detective is a
Reynaldo Guevara has come under fire over allegations he bullied witnesses and framed innocent people in dozens of cases. Aquí y Ahora examines the allegations this Sunday, 7pm EST.
Chicago Detective Accused Of Framing
A retired Chicago homicide detective accused of framing at least 51 people took the stand today and told a Cook County courtroom that he didn't remember the period during which he is accused of beating false confessions out of two men.

It was the first time since 2009 that former detective Reynaldo Guevara addressed allegations against him in court rather than pleading the Fifth Amendment.
Retired detective Reynaldo Guevara a
Reynaldo Guevara on Tuesday asserted his Fifth Amendment rights and offered a string responses along the lines of “I don’t remember” during about 10 minutes of questioning Tuesday in a hearing in a case of two men who claim the retired detective coerced them into confessing to a double-murder they did not commit.
Judge orders former CPD Detective Re
Judge orders former CPD Detective Reynaldo Guevara to testify
They Confessed To Murder—But They Sa
They were convicted of a gruesome crime: killing two parents and kidnapping two young children. But the men say their confessions were beaten out of them, over the course of three brutal days, by a notorious Chicago cop. Now a major investigation has validated that claim — and the men are still behind bars.
Man freed in murder case handled by
Roberto Almodovar hugging relatives after he was freed from prison after serving 23 years behind bars
Prosecutors Drop Charges Against 2 W
Cook County prosecutors have dropped murder charges against two men whose convictions more than two decades ago were based largely on the work of a Chicago police officer at the center of numerous misconduct allegations.
Prosecutors asked a judge Wednesday to dismiss all charges against Jose Montanez, 49, and Armando Serrano, 44, who have both been incarcerated for 23 years for crimes they say they didn't commit.
Armando Serrano and Jose Montanez re
Jose Montanez celebrates his release from prison with nephew Aiden Vazquez, 7, and sisters Carmen Vazquez, center, and Norma Montanez on Wednesday, July 20, 2016 at Danville Correctional Center in Danville.
Prosecutors again seek former detect
Cook County prosecutors want a judge to force former Chicago Police detective Reynaldo Guevara to testify about allegations he beat confessions out of two men now serving time for a 1998 murder.
Former Det. Guevara might answer que
Retired Chicago Police detective Reynaldo Guevara may soon have to answer questions under oath about allegations he framed suspects in cases dating back decades.
City hit with 2 more cop misconduct
Two men filed lawsuits against the city on Monday after being released from prison in separate cases that unraveled when evidence surfaced indicating they had been framed by Chicago Police officers.

Armando Serrano spent 23 years in prison for the 1993 murder of Rodrigo Vargas in Humboldt Park, a case that was investigated by Det. Reynaldo Guevara.
At ex-U.S. attorney’s urging
At ex-U.S. attorney’s urging, ‘handful’ of ex-Chicago cop’s cases being reviewed.
Man’s double-murder conviction vacat
A man who said he was beaten by former Chicago Police Detective Reynaldo Guevara and forced to confess to a double murder had his conviction vacated Wednesday and was granted a new trial.
Did Ex-Chicago Detective Frame Multi
Did Ex-Chicago Detective Frame Multiple Suspects?
Jacques Rivera released after 21 yrs
Rivera’s case was particularly shocking because the prosecution’s 1988 case hinged solely on a 12-year old eyewitness. The issue of the obvious unreliability of eyewitness identifications in a police lineup – especially by children - was reported on widely in the Chicago coverage of this case. But what Jacques Rivera means when he says that “it didn’t have to go like that” is the fact that his case was handled by Detective Reynaldo Guevara of the Gang Crimes Unit of Area 5.
$21 Million for 11 Years in Prison
The jury ruled in favor of Juan Johnson Monday in a lawsuit against the city of Chicago, the Chicago Police Department and a detective involved in the case.
Johnson was convicted in 1991 of beating a man to death and sentenced to 30 years in prison. He spent 11 ½ years behind bars.
The Illinois Appellate Court reversed the conviction in 2002 based on new evidence that showed a Detective Reynaldo Guevara had coerced witnesses to implicate Johnson. A jury acquitted him in 2004.
A Silent retired cop makes loud...
You've got to wonder when a retired Chicago police detective takes the Fifth Amendment on the witness stand twice in six weeks at separate hearings involving cases in which the defendants have accused him of serious misconduct.
Review of 50 Brooklyn Murder Cases
In Brooklyn, the district attorney’s office has ordered that about 50 murder cases — all linked to one detective — be reviewed because of questions about the officer’s tactics. Cook County, which also has a number of controversial cases linked to a single detective, should order a similar review.
Rogue cop gets life
Former Chicago police officer Joseph Miedzianowski, whose slide from crime fighter to feared drug dealer earned him the reputation of being the most corrupt cop in the city's history, was sentenced Friday to life in federal prison without the possibility of parole.
Former Detective Admits Coercing
Three men convicted of the 2002 murder of an 8-year old Rockford boy were largely found guilty as a result of the investigative work of one Rockford police detective. But in an odd twist of fate, the very detective who helped convict the men is now speaking out on their behalf.
Burge Found Guilty
Decades after torture allegations were first leveled against former Chicago police Cmdr. Jon Burge's "Midnight Crew," a federal jury convicted him Monday on all three counts of obstruction of justice and perjury for lying about the torture in a civil lawsuit.
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